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Blink Date, A New Blind Dating App To Connect Through Audios

BySam Brad

Jul 25, 2021

A quick glance at the history of love relationships is enough to see the radical change they have undergone over the years. Gone are the great odes to love, now everything is express relationships thanks to dating apps, where it seems that feelings are a rare bird .

To face this trend, Blink Date arises, an app that aims to change the paradigm of online dating. Through 10-minute blind dates with only audios , Blink Date aims to create real connections based on conversation, thus leaving physical appearance in the background.

The idea was born in 2012, when Taly Matiteyahu, co-founder of Blink Date with Laura Ciccone, made friends with strangers and dined at a blackout restaurant . This premise, that of making connections without the assumptions based on appearance , led Taly to wonder: “Would people date a greater variety of people and find more satisfying relationships if they could establish an emotional connection with someone before sliding their finger? toward the left?”.

Eight years later, Taly and Laura launched the project, financed almost entirely with their own funds , except for the $ 7,500 they raised through Kickstarter in October 2020. The app will be available soon for iOS and Android.

Love is not blind
Blink Date organizes a speed-blind date between two community members, based on availability and the basic parameters they entered during registration (for example, age, gender identification, and sexuality). After the appointment, each of the members evaluates the same to know how the experience has gone and if a connection has been created between them.

Taly and Laura are aware that love is not blind and that physical attraction plays a vital role in dating. For this reason, they make the Glance function available to members, with which they can see, without name or profile , the physical appearance of those people with whom they could be compatible. The app only matches people with mutual positive comments on Blink Dates and Glance. For now, the success rate of matches (matches) is 50%.

In the test of his podcast Date in a Blink , carried out through social networks, mostly women participated , 70% vs 30% of heterosexual men. However, they believe that as they target a wider audience, they will get closer to 50/50 for men and women. On the other hand, in the demonstration the age group between 20 and 40 years old predominated, especially those in their thirties .

Nonjudgmental connections
The app is aimed at those people tired of the culture of “swipe” (slide), in which you eliminate a large number of potential partners just for their photos, and are willing to invest the time necessary to connect with someone on a higher level deep.

“We hope that people who don’t look like Idris Elba or Gal Gadot will be able to find partners that they might not otherwise connect with due to algorithms that underestimate their profiles,” says Taly. To do this, they have proposed to create spaces free of prejudices based on physical appearance, surname, race, ethnicity or demography. Likewise, these spaces are the ideal place for those who are shy to enjoy the dating experience without pressure.

Taly herself is aware that the app, although it wants to be as inclusive as possible, will not be for those with limitations such as muteness, at least in its initial stages.

Personality vs physical appearance
When asking about his main competitors, Tinder, Grindr or Bumble, Taly says that “the Blink Date proposal is a refreshing and deeply human way to meet new people , with the potential to attract the millions of people who use dating applications.” To which he adds, “without a doubt, putting audio and personality in the first place will make us part of the repertoire of dating apps that users have on their mobile.”

Regarding the future of the app, the co-founder of Blink Date highlights that the beta version is already being tested in Los Angeles, while the podcast Date in a Blink is doing very well around the world. They plan to offer virtual and face- to- face events to complement the app experience. Additionally, they are planning to geographically expand Blink’s dating experience, although they also have big plans to expand the concept across different verticals.

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