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BySam Brad

Jul 25, 2021

The generic term is the most inclusive, the masculine includes the feminine, just as the singular includes the plural. In any case, the problem is to call it masculine and feminine, which are arbitrary categories. ”

Non-binary trademarks “are a direct consequence of the doubling, which requires identification as a man or a woman .”

“We look at the language but we should look at the linguistic behaviors who speaks, how long, who interrupts, who is listened to We waste time on the superficial and do not delve into things.”

In conclusion, according to Junyent, the use of the totis – or the todes that the Minister of Equality Irene Montero usually uses would not only not promote but would also hinder gender inclusion because by making a sector of the population visible, it would be stigmatizing them more.

“Sometimes the proposal of alternative linguistic uses does not prosper because it is not natural at a certain moment”, admits the professor of English Literature Maria Antònia Oliver.

who is part of the Comissió d’Igualtat en Polítiques de Gènere of the Pompeu Fabra University. But he adds: “The ‘councilor’ Verge proposes totis not so much from a normative will to introduce a new suffix or a new term, but from the spirit of criticism of the discriminatory use of language” .

In 2018 a group of specialists published a series of proposals to reform the Constitution. The General Linguistics professor María Luisa Calero took care of writing it with a gender perspective, avoiding forms such as the generic masculine that she considers discriminate against women.

At the same time, former minister Carmen Calvo had asked the RAE for a report on this issue, but the answer was negative: the generic male is in majority use in the Spanish-speaking community and therefore there is no reason to change it.

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“At that time, non-binary proposals were not yet considered, which are more recent and secondary because they affect fewer people,” explains Calero, who worked at the University of Córdoba until his retirement. “But if there is a social demand.

The language academies they will have to accept it . In Andalusia we were pioneers in recommending inclusive language in the administration, but now there is a setback. This comes and goes depending on politics . Now Catalonia is in a good moment.

In the context of the Trans Law and the growing attacks on LGTBIQ + people, the proposals for a non-binary grammar have acquired a lot of visibility. Time will tell if they translate into permanent and generalized terminologies and linguistic uses .

Sam Brad

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