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Treasury Retains The Deduction For Maintenance To 700,000 Workers

BySam Brad

Jul 26, 2021

The self-employed qualify as “fiscal injustice” that 700,000 self-employed cannot deduct the living expenses, a fact that they attribute to the ineffectiveness of article 11 of the Law of Urgent Measures of Self-Employed Work of October 2017 approved by the previous government, which continues to perpetuate this “real nightmare” for this group.

From UPTA they recall that the Supreme Court ruling (which contradicts the criteria of the Ministry of Finance) recognizes the right of the self-employed to deduct the expenses of working meals with their clients, but does not modify in any way the situation that the self-employed who have than eating away from home due to their economic activity. In addition, the sentence only talks about the deduction of expenses when there is a business lunch with a client and the gifts that are made to him.

“The real anomaly occurs in the interpretation that the tax inspectors continue to make about the deductible expenses of sole proprietorship. It is inconceivable that we continue to talk about this matter that would have to be resolved since 2017,” they point out from UPTA, indicating that this The modification has turned out to be “a full-blown fiasco.”

This situation also occurs with the deduction for expenses for supplies that affect the home and incurred by self-employed persons in the exercise of their economic activity.

“Let us remember that they are calculated in proportion to the meters of the house affected by the activity, with a limit on the amount resulting from the application of 30%, which translates into a deductible expense on supplies of 9% at most”, they have pointed from UPTA, while tax modifications are proposed by the Ministry of Economy for the constitution of new companies with reductions in Corporation tax.

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