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Education Sector Is Looking In Branded Content For An Alternative To Traditional Advertising

BySam Brad

Aug 3, 2021

The education sector in Spain has been affected by the effect of the pandemic. Thousands of schools and universities had to close their doors at the peak of the virus, forcing these institutions to adapt to the new reality and adopt strict security protocols in addition to offering online as an alternative to face-to-face education.

Investment in advertising for schools and universities has been affected with a decrease of 30.8% in the last year, to reach an investment figure in 2020 of 227.6 million euros according to Infoadex data. This cut is only surpassed by the beverage sector, with a decrease of 33.5%, and by the automotive sector, with -31.4% among the sectors that invest the most in advertising.

In addition, according to the study carried out by EFMD together with Le Sphinx in which 941 global business schools were surveyed, 43% of them have seen their income reduce while 29% have seen the number of students decrease .

In addition, 49% declare that they are under pressure from their clients to review their rates when they go from essentially face-to-face training models to hybrids. Although the main challenge looming in business schools is the recruitment of international students (mentioned by 70%), which has become very complex due to travel restrictions and testing / vaccination requirements.

But what can schools, universities and business schools do to regain the trust of families and potential students? Beyond traditional advertising, Branded Content is an option that is increasingly used by the educational and training world.

Branded Content
Schools and universities can rely on inexpensive promotional tools to help them improve their visibility and search for new students.

One of the options that schools and universities have to increase their brand awareness is to use platforms such as getfluence, a marketplace specialized in the organization and distribution of branded content campaigns. This company helps the education sector to create sponsored content campaigns in Spanish and international premium online publications.

Especially for business schools that want to capture an international profile of students, the option of being able to carry out branded content campaigns with media from Europe and Latin America is a great advantage.

Schools and universities can convey their message holistically by highlighting the most relevant information from their educational programs through sponsored articles or infomercials. In addition to the benefits related to brand awareness, branded content campaigns allow you to control digital reputation and improve SEO positioning, for optimal positioning and higher indexing.

Marc de Zordo, CEO of getfluence explains that “schools and universities must be very aware today of the importance of their marketing and communication strategy, which now more than ever has to be transparent, focused on spreading messages that describe the measures of security implemented, demonstrate the quality and adaptation of the teaching staff, the use of new technologies to be able to offer quality hybrid teaching models and flexibility in the rates offered; thanks to centralized content management platforms such as getfuence, disseminate these messages to them. it will be easier and faster, as well as being able to easily reach the most relevant international media “.

Sam Brad

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