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Merlin Lands In The Capital Of The Extremadura Battery Plant

BySam Brad

Aug 3, 2021

Merlin Properties lands on the capital of Mindcaps, the Phi4Tech subsidiary that is developing the business of the Extremadura battery plant. The Socimi has participated in a capital increase valued at 12 million euros that will strengthen the growth of the company that promotes the first battery factory in Extremadura.

The company is also dedicated to the development of supercapacitors with active graphene materials for advanced electrodes in energy storage systems that have been corroborated at the Georgia Tech Institute, Atlanta (Georgia).

Collaboration between the two companies is also growing , as both companies announced last April that they had reached an agreement together with Edged Energy, a subsidiary of Endeavor, to become one of the suppliers of the batteries for its next four energy centers. data in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Bilbao and Lisbon . With this agreement, the company begins to accumulate order book.

Data centers
The transaction marks Merlin’s first step into the data center business. The Spanish Socimi joins the US technology company with a project that initially has 80 MW of capacity.

Phi4Tech, for its part, has already started the procedures to obtain the urban planning license with the Badajoz City Council with the intention of settling in the logistics platform of the European Southwest.

The company, as explained by its CEO Mario Celdrán, estimates that the first steps will involve an initial investment of 80 million, but that it will reach 400 million when maximum capacity is reached in 2026.

Initially, the project expects to have the capacity to produce 2 GW in batteries in 2023 and to increase its size to 10 GW in 2025 with an option to expand to 20 GW in 2027.

The battery cell factory is part of a project that is linked to the Las Navas mine , near the town of Cañaveral, next to a lithium transformation factory; nickel extraction at the Aguablanca mine in Monesterio, which has just been acquired from Sacyr; and the construction in the province of Cáceres of a cathode factory, with an investment of 200 million.

Grupo Phi4tech, together with its subsidiary Mindcaps, is finalizing the prototype of the battery cell to be manufactured in Badajoz at its facilities in Noblejas (Toledo).

Phi4Tech also has Graphenstone, the only ecological paint that has managed to unite lime and graphene materials in its composition, guaranteeing a high sanitizing and sustainability power, and Medphen, the subsidiary for the manufacture of medical products from nanomaterials: medical grade polymers, 3D filaments and dental products.

80 million euros
80 million euros will be the initial investment to begin to build the first battery plant in Extremadura with a capacity of 2 GW in 2023 and whose intention is to grow in a modular way until reaching 10 GW in 2025 with an option to expand to 20 GW in 2027. The company may involve an investment in all parts of the business of up to 1 billion euros.

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