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Scholarships Of The Ministry Will Include Claims Of The Student Body

BySam Brad

Aug 3, 2021

From this course, the average grade required to access these scholarships will once again be 5 for the qualifying master’s degrees, as is the case with the Bachelor’s degrees, and victims of gender violence will not have to undergo a re-victimization process to receive these scholarships. .

The scholarships from the Ministry of Education and Professional Training (MEFP), which university students may apply for until October 14, include in this new call some of the demands that the Coordinator of Student Representatives of Public Universities (CREUP) has negotiated so much with this Ministry as with the Ministry of Universities.

On the one hand, the academic requirements for scholarships are reduced , placing the average grade required to be a scholarship holder in qualifying master’s degrees at 5, equating the requirement to that already received by university degrees.

However, from the Coordinator they claim that this measure should also affect the non-qualifying master’s degrees, which are the majority and continue to maintain 7 as a requirement for an average grade.

On the other hand, victims of gender violence will no longer have to justify the drop in academic performance that has been described as excessive by student representatives.

Both measures, negotiated by CREUP with both ministries, represent the main difference with respect to the previous call and have been positively valued by the student body. “Steps are being taken in the right direction, and we are glad they have been accepted, but there is still a long way to go to achieve a fair and inclusive scholarship model,” says Andrea Paricio.

Among the proposals that they consider fundamental in this regard is the real inclusion of people with disabilities. Currently, the call establishes that only those who have a minimum disability of 65% will be considered as disabled , for which CREUP proposes, as defended by the Spanish Committee of Representatives of People with Disabilities (CERMI), to reduce it to 33%, thus avoiding putting more barriers to the group.

In turn, CREUP considers it essential to continue advancing in the elimination of academic requirements in these calls, urgently attending to the need to eliminate the obligation to return the amount of the scholarship if a number of credits is not exceeded, since it entails an excessive penalty together with the impossibility of reapplying for the scholarship the following year and facing the high price of the second or successive enrollments.

The changes introduced by the ministries continue the reform begun the previous year to adapt the scholarship model to the real situation of university students. CREUP will continue to insist on achieving a fairer and more inclusive scholarship model so that these grants can break some of the socioeconomic barriers that exist in the university.

Sam Brad

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