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Xiaomi Is The New Queen Of Europe In Smartphones, Surpassing Samsung

BySam Brad

Aug 3, 2021

Xiaomi is the new queen of Europe in smartphones, surpassing Samsung. Xiaomi has distributed 12.7 million smartphones. Chinese brands like Oppo and Realme surprise.

For the first time in the history of the European market, Xiaomi has managed to surpass Samsung in the distribution of smartphones, becoming the new reference.

The data comes from Strategy Analytics analysts , and although it does not refer to specific sales data, it is based on the number of devices distributed during the second quarter of the year, as is usual in the industry.

Specifically, Xiaomi distributed 12.7 million smartphones during the period between April and June, which puts it in the lead with a notable difference; it assumes that the Chinese manufacturer now owns 25% of the European market, quite an achievement and an obvious dominance over the competition.

More surprising has been the growth compared to the same period of the previous year, which has been no less than 67.1% . Launches such as those of the Mi 11 range have surely had their importance, but we cannot forget that Xiaomi has the Redmi range of low-cost mobiles, very popular in many countries. Xiaomi has grown a lot in Spain, as well as in Eastern European countries such as Ukraine and Russia.

The big loser has been Samsung, which has fallen 7% compared to last year and that has made it lose the crown; even so, 12 million mobile phones distributed are not few, and the company is at the forefront of new trends such as folding smartphones .

In addition, the Galaxy A with 5G connectivity are performing well; however, analysts believe it has suffered from increased competition in the low-end from China, and in the high-end, from Apple.

Speaking of the apple, Apple obtains the third position, without varying too much from last year but establishing itself as the main alternative; analysts believe that many users switched to the iPhone 12 because it was their turn.

It is below where we find the biggest surprises, with the entry of two Chinese manufacturers: Oppo and Realme , the latter growing by no less than 1800%; and that the figures are from before its biggest launch of the year, the Realme GT, but the Realme 8 and its 2 million in sales have served as well. As for Oppo, the A series and Reno have been their best sellers.

It is these brands that have gotten a good part of Huawei’s cake, which has disappeared from the lists; instead, Samsung has not been able to take advantage of the same way.

Sam Brad

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