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Profiles Of The Digital Sector With The Best Salaries In Spain

BySam Brad

Aug 6, 2021

These are the profiles of the digital sector with the best salaries in Spain: up to 60,000 euros on average. The pandemic has fueled the digital sector and especially electronic commerce.

There is no doubt that after a truly unfortunate 2020 for many sectors, the digital sector was one of the few that can be said to have benefited.

With many physical businesses forced to pivot to the online world, the levels of e-commerce purchases soared, as well as the importance that companies give to the Internet segment.

According to the CNMC, online sales in 2020 grew 36% compared to the previous year and not only as a consequence of the pandemic, but also due to a clear and sustained digitization of consumer purchasing habits.

In this context, Spring Professional, the consultancy for the selection of middle, middle and executive managers of the Adecco Group, has analyzed the most demanded positions in Spain from a salary, functional and geographic distribution point of view in the Digital and E sectors. -Commerce.

CDO, the highest paid profile
The analysis of the profiles most in demand in Spain from a salary, functional and geographic distribution point of view reflects the following data.

Chief Digital Officer (CDO) is the highest paid profile in Spain in 2021 in the Digital & E-Commerce sector and reaches 90,000 euros per year if he exceeds a decade of experience in a corporate company in the Community of Madrid, although his average salary is situated at 62,000 euros a year.

With salaries that are around 50,000 euros per year on average, there are positions such as Customer Experience Manager, Trade Marketing Manager, Marketing Manager and Key Account Manager who can receive from 48,000 to 46,000 euros per year on average, all of them linked to the e-commerce sector.

In the next step, with average salaries that are around 40,000 euros per year, the report indicates profiles such as Business Development Manager, Customer Service Manager and Product Manager. The latter is the most sought after professional in the industry today, according to Spring data.

All salaries will increase in digital in 2021
The report also estimates that in the Digital & E-Commerce sector by 2021, in Corporate companies -those companies already consolidated, with more than 5 years of history- it is expected that salaries will increase around 1.2% with respect to to 2020.

Electronic commerce still represents less than 1% of total jobs in Spain, but its growing and sustained evolution of over 20% per year and its natural dynamism represent a safe bet as it is considered one of the sectors that will demand the most talent in the coming years .

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