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Lignum Is Awarded Design Of The Project For Plaza de Salamero In Zaragoza

BySam Brad

Aug 7, 2021

The reform of the Plaza de Salamero in Zaragoza is progressing in its emergency works and in the development of the future design. At the end of July, the penultimate phase of the work to replace the exterior slab of the parking lot of the square was completed, which has consisted of concreting and creating the new roof, while the Urban Planning and Equipment Area has awarded this Friday the contract to design the project for this new public space.

The municipal technicians have awarded the drafting of the project for the new Plaza de Salamero to Lignum SL, for an amount of 48,876.74 euros (VAT included), which represents a reduction of 31% compared to the base bid price set at 70,835, 72 euros. Once the award of the tasks to design the project has been formalized, the winning company will have a period of three months.

The document must define the regeneration and urbanization works of an area covering 9,683 square meters, which includes Plaza de Salamero, Calle Morería and part of Avenida de César Augusto, integrating the current roads into a single platform of pedestrian preference and recovering the logical and historical relationship with Calle Cinco de Marzo and the Church of Santiago el Mayor.

Although the project will include the reprints of the works that affect the vehicular and pedestrian accesses to the underground parking lot, and will be divided into areas of action in order to make their execution independent, according to the instructions issued by the direction of the works, and at least the Works that affect Avenida de César Augusto will be planned in an independent phase.

Thus, they will begin to draft and plan what will end up being the future plaza, “a quality, dignified and innovative space that will change the appearance of the area and improve the quality of life of the people of Zaragoza and, above all, of residents, workers Y

educational community in the area “, has pointed out the municipal councilor for Urbanism and Equipment, Víctor Serrano.

The design of the project should consider and study the proposals that the different groups have been transferring in recent months to the Minister of Urban Planning, who has held meetings in this regard with the surrounding educational centers, neighborhood groups, business groups, the FABZ, the Caesaraugusta Neighborhood Union, ECOS and the Municipal Board of the Central District, among others.

However, as Serrano has already advanced, it is expected to promote an open and agile process, which does not extend over time, so that citizens can propose options that will be studied and incorporated into the project, if feasible, in the last stretch of your writing.

Fifth phase of the works
On the other hand, the emergency works for the change of the upper slab of the parking lot of the Plaza de Salamero have completed the fourth phase of the five planned in which the works were divided. Throughout the month of July, concreting and reconstruction of the upper slab of the car park, which forms the base of the square, has been carried out.

In accordance with the technical criteria of the construction management, and given that 1,500 cubic meters of concrete had to be used, it was decided to divide the tasks into four days: on July 5, 12, 17 and 24.

In each of them the concrete has been poured and a sprinkler irrigation system has been implemented so that the material set and cure well.

At this time, the new upper structure must rest and settle well for several weeks before beginning the fifth and final phase of the emergency work that the city council has had to undertake after the partial collapse of the platform in January 2020, which months later it was found, through technical reports and independent expert opinions, that it was due to a construction failure that extended throughout the slab and its supports on the pillars.

In this way, the stabilization actions reach their last phase, that of the auctions, to be later fully available to the works that end up creating the new square, whose project will begin to be drawn up soon after the award of its drafting.

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