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Millennials’ 10 Favorite Values To Invest During The Pandemic

BySam Brad

Aug 14, 2021

In the top 10 of the main stocks chosen by millennials to invest their money during the Covid-19 crisis can be found from manufacturers of electric cars and airlines to health companies, according to a study by DailyFX , the financial news website. Here is a brief analysis of the most attractive stocks for this generation:

Apple: With a market capitalization of $ 2.4 trillion , this value is a favorite of millennials. The company performed outstandingly in the third quarter despite a global chip shortage, posting a 50% increase in iPhone sales compared to the same period last year.

Tesla: Its $ 699 billion market capitalization makes this stock the second most attractive to young investors. Since its IPO in 2010, Tesla shares have risen 20,000%, leading some to believe they may be grossly overvalued. Its electric car production capacity, demand from China Analysts and its “total self-driving” mode serve to justify its listing, according to shareholders and investors.

General Electric: so far this year, the shares of the US conglomerate have risen 23%, and 101% in the last 12 months. To date, its market capitalization exceeds 115,000 million dollars .

Ford: With a market capitalization of almost $ 55 billion , the famous Ford Motor Company has been selected by millennials to invest their money for their plans to power electric vehicles until 40% of their worldwide sales are fully electric in 2030, while its rival GM will be in 2035.

American Airlines: The fifth place is held by one of the main US airlines with a market capitalization of 13,000 million dollars . After being affected by the pandemic, American Airlines has reestablished its routes for leisure travel this summer, which has fueled its recovery.

Pzifer: Thanks to its vaccine against Covid-19, the pharmaceutical company’s revenues have increased 61% more in the second quarter, to almost 19,000 million dollars. This number is expected to rise as its use in children is approved and the possibility of a booster vaccine is explored. Currently, its market capitalization is around 260,000 million dollars .

Carnival Corporation: The world’s largest cruise company, with a market capitalization of $ 27 billion, saw bookings soar 45% in the second quarter, following the relaxation of restrictions and mass vaccination of American society.

Delta Air Lines: con 26.000 millones de dólares de capitalización bursátil, la aerolínea también se vio afectada por la limitación de la movilidad consecuencia de la pandemia. Ahora, quiere contratar a más de 1.000 pilotos para el próximo verano, a medida que viajar vuelve ser una realidad.

Nio: The young electric vehicle company is one of the most successful in China with only 7 years of life and a market capitalization of 72,000 million dollars .

Disney: in last place is the famous dream factory. With a market capitalization of $ 323 billion , it lost nearly $ 5 billion last year with the closure of its theme parks as a result of the spread of the coronavirus. However, their stock has since recovered as visitors returned to their entertainment venues.

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