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Nilofar Bayat Lost The Battle in Kabul After Taliban Takeover

BySam Brad

Aug 21, 2021

Nilofar Bayat spent her first night in Spain after many hours of wakefulness, at the Kabul airport and on the very long flight with a stopover from Afghanistan to Torrejón, where she was temporarily housed along with the rest of the refugees from her country fleeing from the Taliban. .

She answers EL PAÍS by phone, as soon as she recovers her cell phone coverage. She speaks excellent English, she is understanding, friendly and her tone of voice is one of joy. She says that she does not know where she will land, although everything indicates that she will be Bilbao, but that she will continue to play basketball. “Of course, she is part of my life.”

She asks. After so many days of stress, how is she?

Answer. Now my husband and I are fine, still a bit out of place but happy to have been able to leave Afghanistan and to be in Spain.

Q. How were your last days in Kabul?

R. Terrible. I had never been through anything like this in my life, I was very scared. There were thousands of us who wanted to get out of there, escape from the Taliban. Antonio [Pampliega] managed to get them to give us the papers to leave, but the airport was a mess, it was impossible to get in, we waited hours to be able to do so and it was very dangerous.


It was the German soldiers who let us go inside the airport, but we couldn’t find anyone to tell us what to do. It seemed that we were flying in a German plane, but in the end they located us from the Spanish embassy. We had been extremely hot for hours, without food and drink. In the end, the second day we were able to fly.

The rescue of Nilofar Bayat, from Kabul to Torrejón
The flight of Nilofar Bayat from Kabul to Bilbao
Q. If they had stayed, would you have feared for her life?

A. I was already afraid for her. The Taliban have started going house to house to identify people. They will have no mercy.

Q. What does the Taliban take over for an Afghan?

R. It is a catastrophe, it is terrible for everyone. Twenty years ago they had disappeared from power and in that time, the country had progressed a lot, women could lead a different life. I played basketball with total freedom, my husband also, I studied law… All that has gone to the trash. They are twenty years of blow backward movement.

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