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Feminist Activists Reflect on reasons that push the new generations

BySam Brad

Aug 22, 2021

She picks up the phone while driving – she doesn’t drive – and the coverage sometimes fails. It’s August and he’s on vacation, but he’s not just responding, he’s kindly. “We are used to being sought out around this time; ours is a very summer topic”, jokes Mariona Trabal, co-founder of Mugrons Lliures , a platform created a few years ago in L’Ametlla del Vallès to denounce the ban on toples in swimming pools city.

Their struggle, based on evidence of what macho not allow women what they were permitted to men: teach chest , took your local city hall to organize a consultation on the rules Defeated yes..“We won, but every summer I go to the pool and I’m the only one who goes topless,” reflects the 69-year-old activist. He emphasizes that they started fighting for public swimming pools because “the beaches were already won.”

The objective of the call is precisely to talk about this right earned but little exercised and the reasons behind it. “I go to the beach a little, but I have acquaintances who tell me that, yes. ‘You fight for the pools, but on the beaches, which you can, you do less and less,’ “says Trabal, who is not so concerned that 14-year-old girls do not do toples -” it has always been like that, that age ”-, but not those of 24.

In Trabal’s eyes, this decline in the practice of toples on the beaches by women in their twenties would be part of a trend towards conservatism that, obviously, goes beyond how they sunbathe.

“It is the same with young girls who get married organizing big weddings ”, exemplifies the founder of Mugrons Lliures , whose great victory was to get the Barcelona City Council to allow topless in its municipal facilities and who is clear that they will continue fighting until this All Catalan women have the right, whether they live in the municipality where they live and decide to exercise it or not.

One of the reasons that some girls cite when they stop to think about why they do not make toples – the reality in most of the Catalan textile beaches in recent years is that this is not a general practice among young women – is technological violence , a phenomenon that this generation has much more internalized than their mothers, aunts or older sisters.

The researcher specializing in internet security Gemma Galdón brings to the table a disturbing idea: “For the first time in history, forgetting is more difficult than remembering.” “Young people are much more aware of the lack of control of the digital register.

There is an important qualitative leap. The images that can be taken topless on the beach can circulate in a way that we do not control ”, says the sociologist, convinced that given the loss of privacy that we have suffered in recent years, what people do is protect themselves and that it happens to lose freedoms . “How you cannot control the devices, you control yourself”, summarizes Galdón, regretting that this happens because of ceasing to exercise rights.

“We have developed the technologies without thinking about their impacts,” concludes the security expert.

Beyond the digital field, some girls also point to another important issue: the fear of being attacked. Laura García, a 23-year-old university student from Barcelona, ​​thinks that there are young people who do not do toples on the beach for fear of being harassed, “especially by men.”

“That they look at you a lot, that they bother you, that they shout something at you …”, exposes the young woman. García highlights the fact that his generation has been “bombarded” with images about what kind of women can show their bodies “and it is true that many girls my age do not show it out of sheer insecurity .”

Sam Brad

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