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Ricard Guillem Says We Want Cafler’s Service To Be Obvious

BySam Brad

Aug 23, 2021

Cafler is the first online delegated mobility platform. It announced its arrival on the market almost two years ago and, after its first round of financing, the startup presented its business idea in November 2020 at an investment forum with the initial objective of obtaining 200,000 euros of financing.

The result has been much higher thanks to the trust of Banc Sabadell and Encomenda. As well as the participation of European leaders in investment, with which they achieved 750,000 euros. We spoke with its CEO and founder, Ricard Guillem, a young entrepreneur who received a scholarship from the Amancio Ortega Foundation to study an entrepreneurship course at the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

What is Cafler?
Cafler is a tool that moves your car to perform tasks such as passing the ITV, taking it to the workshop? In other words, we are the first online platform capable of managing all services related to a car in an efficient and economical way; a delegated mobility tool that, through its own smart technology, moves a vehicle in a sustainable way to carry out procedures that do not add added value and that waste time for the owner of this vehicle. In short, we move your car for you and democratize this service reaching the whole of society thanks to very competitive prices.

How did the idea come about?
A relative, owner of a network of workshops, expresses to me the need to find a solution to a recurring problem in his sector: users delegate basic tasks to their mechanics, such as passing the vehicle’s ITV, with the additional cost that this entails.

From here, and as passionate about new technologies that I am, I research formulas that allow professional users and drivers to get in contact, with the aim that delegated vehicle mobility becomes an efficient, economical and sustainable service for all the society. Thus Cafler was born.

What do your products consist of?
We want to become a powerful delegated mobility service that covers any user need related to their vehicle. We have started with our star service: passing the ITV of those owners who, due to lack of time or expertise, prefer to outsource it. And our goal is to continue growing in products in a short period of time to offer car cleaning services, repairs, transfers of the vehicle from one point to another in the city with return to the parking lot, car exchange between members of the same family, etc.

What does it mean for the company to have managed to close its first round of financing for 750,000 euros?
We are very proud if we also think about our starting point: we presented the business idea in November 2020, in an investment forum, with the initial objective of obtaining 200,000 euros of financing.

In less than a month, we had already achieved this figure and we have continued to grow thanks to the trust of BStartup from Banco Sabadell and Encomenda or investors led by Dídac Lee or Jacky Abitbol. But, in addition, this round means much more for us: it reflects the validation of our project by leading investors, who have opted for Cafler, demonstrating their confidence in our initiative.

In what aspects will these funds invest?
This initial investment is destined to technological development, the expansion of the team and the creation of the Cafler ecosystem, laying the foundations of the company.

What does it mean for you, being so young, to be so highly valued within the entrepreneurial ecosystem?
I am passionate about new technologies, innovation and companies and I am happy to be recognized in this sector, although I still have a long way to go. There are many entrepreneurs that I admire and from whom I constantly learn, in addition to having a great work team, headed by Cafler’s co-founder, Íñigo Diego, who is the basis for this project to succeed.

They are still newborns, but what are their short-medium-term goals?
We are ambitious, but we are going step by step: as an immediate objective we have the expansion of our product portfolio until we can cover any need related to the vehicle; as well as short-term international expansion. From here, we want Cafler to be so established in society that we dedicate our efforts to continue innovating to adapt our platform to the new needs of customers and to continue offering solutions that facilitate their daily lives.

What is the ultimate goal of your company?
That Cafler’s service is so obvious that the phrase “I’m going to order a Cafler” becomes everyday and that in a few years we will ask ourselves: “How could it be that Cafler didn’t exist five years ago?”

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