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Glovo Studies Changing Its Distribution Model And Looks At Fleets Of Riders

BySam Brad

Aug 25, 2021

Glovo studies changing its distribution model and looks at the fleets of ‘riders’. The unions have reported them to the Labor Inspectorate. A strike has been called in Catalonia.

Try and failure. Glovo analyzes new models to operate in Spain after the entry into force of the ‘Rider Law’ and the problems and complaints generated by the implementation of its self-employed strategy in our country.

This is confirmed to elEconomista by sources familiar with the movements of the multinational, who admit that the company would be looking at its direct competitors , who have developed other strategies in recent weeks, analyzing changes in their model with a view to incorporating fleets of distributors. outsourced.

It should be remembered that Glovo announced the hiring , before the end of the year, of some 2,000 of its distributors, around 20% of the workforce. Additionally, it launched an “improved” model of self-employed delivery men who must bid on orders for them to be assigned to them.

This system, which for the legal experts consulted by this newspaper and for the unions, violates the ‘Rider Law’, has garnered multiple complaints and reports before the Labor Inspectorate.

So much so that last week, just a few days after it was launched, the company announced the first modifications , based on the change in the bidding system for orders, eliminating the smallest multipliers in favor of the distributors. On the other hand, this modification does not eliminate the fact that the means of production remain the property of each one of the distributors, which means that legal experts continue to violate the norm.

Now, as this newspaper has learned, the company would analyze changes in the model, opening the door to include another type of relationship with its distributors but without reaching 100% fleet models, such as the one that UberEats is exploiting in our country , or the hiring of more ‘riders’, as will Just Eat or Stuart, platforms that are already working on the negotiation of their collective agreement with the workers’ representatives, as they reported just before the rule came into force.

Strike in supermarkets
The company must also face the strike called for this week by workers in its supermarkets, known as ‘dark stores’ in Catalonia. CC.OO. called a nine-day strike in order to demand the improvement of their working conditions.

In total, 110 workers are called to strike, as reported by the union. The objective is “to recognize that the employment relationship is structural and not temporary”, as well as to make its permanent hiring effective.

Sam Brad

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