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Confrontation With The State CUP Conditions Governmet

ByRak Esh

Aug 28, 2021

The head of the CUP list in the 14-F elections , Dolors Sabater , has shown this Thursday confident that the post-electoral negotiations “will go very well”, although he has pointed out that the ‘cupaires’ do not want to close a “specific pact “, but they seek to agree” a strategy of confrontation “with the State .

He has also pointed out that the change in the model of the Mossos , which he has described as a “public danger” , is an “important” point in the negotiations to form the Government

In statements to TV3, Sabater explained that the CUP wants to reach an agreement that is not “punctual, like a mushroom”, but that results in the independence movement being “strong in a confrontational strategy” in which the dispute is unequal, because they face “a very strong State” and “a people without a State.”

In his opinion, during the last legislature he took “a step backwards” by “making see” in the eyes of Europe and the world that “the conflict did not exist”. That “must be corrected,” he said. “We must go towards a legislature of conflict between the Catalan people and the State”, in which it is not possible to “turn the page” of what happened in recent years, he indicated.

A conflict, he has deepened, which is not only about independence, but also about social rights, since “there are more than 40 laws that the Parliament has approved and that the Constitutional Court has charged.

” He has insisted, then, that the new legislature that will now begin must advance along “two courses”, that is, with policies to change towards independence, but also invariably from the left.

To achieve this, the CUP is open to all formulas: entering an eventual Government, endorsing a left-wing ERC and common Executive or another in which JxCat participates, for example. The important thing, Sabater has insisted again, is to decide “to do what and to do it how”.

Sabater has also referred to the riots in Catalonia after Pablo Hasél’s imprisonment , and he has done so to harshly attack the Mossos d’Esquadra . “Instead of security forces, they are a public danger ,” he said. The CUP leader has accused the Catalan police of “malpractice”, has denounced the “lack of democratic control of the body” and has called for the resignation of the Interior Minister, Miquel Sàmper .

Thus, he has opined that the body of the Mossos d’Esquadra “does not have the mechanisms of democratic control to avoid bad practices and abuses of power” in units such as Brimo and Arro, for which he has requested the resignation of Sàmper.

“I ask for the dimension of the minister not only for that, but because in his last statements on the protests he has not made a criticism regarding the actions of the Mossos,” he lamented. He has reproached the Interior for calling the altercations that some violent groups provoked as gratuitous violence: “Has there been gratuitous violence by the police forces? He cannot be so partial, the ‘minister’,” he added.

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