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Netflix Assaults The Video Game

BySam Brad

Aug 28, 2021

Bet Netflix for video games is now a reality. The streaming film and series platform has announced, through social networks, that its users in Poland can now play through the service application for devices with Android operating system . A small first step before this type of content is available to all those who use your services. “We are in an early stage and we still have a lot of work to do in the coming months, but this is our first step,” said Netflix.

At the moment, users in the country have two titles available: ‘ Stranger Things 1984 ‘ and ‘ Stranger Things 3 ‘. As the platform announced When you shared your plans to bring video games to your application, the user will not have to make an extra payment to be able to play . Also, the proposals do not contain advertising or micropayments. At least for the moment.

Porozmawiajmy o grach na Netflix. Od dzisiaj użytkownicy w Polsce mogą wypróbować dwie gry mobilne na Androidzie: Stranger Things 1984 i Stranger Things 3. Jesteśmy na wczesnym etapie i mamy jeszcze dużo pracy do wykonania w nadchodzących kiesroz. pic.twitter.com/T2QlTH4xoY- Netflix Polska (@NetflixPL) August 26, 2021

Regarding the process to follow to play these games, the images show that the user will have to search for the title from within the Netflix ‘app’ and click on the install option. This button redirects you to the Google Play Store, the official Android store, from where you can download the application.

The ‘trick’, as the streaming platform has shared with ‘ The Verge ‘, is that in order to access the inside of the application, it will be necessary to enter the credentials of a Netflix account; so those who do not have will not be able to play the video game; although they will be able to find the applications independently in the store.

More and more players
With this movement, Netflix begins to open up in one of the cultural industries of the moment ; which has seen rapid growth in recent years and promises to stay on the rise in the future.

Annual revenue from this type of entertainment, which will amount to $ 200 billion in global terms in 2023 , according to the analysis firm Newzoo, has motivated the entry into the scene of companies that, until now, had not shown special interest in putting their users to crush buttons. There are many examples, ranging from Apple, with its Arcade, to Amazon, which is shaping the arrival of its game system in the Luna cloud to the whole world, or Google with Stadia.

Netflix has decided to bet, at least in its early stages, by focusing on exclusively sharing works for ‘smartphone’. One of the most used platforms to play today. It is the second favorite device of the 15.75 million players in our country. Only the console surpasses it. A somewhat more slippery territory in which he would have to compete with heavyweights like PlayStation, Nintendo or Xbox ; firms that have a community of users that stands out for the loyalty to the brand that have their systems engraved on the casing.

“If Netflix bets on a casual audience and offers simpler proposals, such as Candy Crash, the player may not mind playing there instead of on their mobile. Seasoned computer and console players, who have been in this for many years, are more difficult to change, ” Jon Cortázar, executive director of the Spanish developer Relevo , recently explained to this newspaper.

When in Spain?
At the moment, Netflix has not shared a specific date for all its users to be able to play video games for smartphones on the platform. However, previous leaks suggest that the global landing could occur in 2022 . It is also foreseeable that, when it occurs, the company will have more works in its portfolio to offer to Internet users in addition to those that are currently available in Poland.

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