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Pere Aragonès: 100 days of landing and a sloping autumn

ByRak Esh

Aug 28, 2021

Every weekday that, from two to four in the afternoon, he does not have any act, Pere Aragonès eats with a ‘councilor ‘. It is not a specific practice, but a wheel, for the moment, without end. With all the members of the Government, without distinction of political affiliation. It is a fact that reveals one of the priority objectives of the ‘Aragonese era ‘: the will, all the sources consulted agree, “to recover the institution of the Generalitat , its Government and its ‘president’”. In the previous administration, that of Quim Torra , worth the comparison, the post-convergent and republican communication directors did not even coordinate.

This Sunday marks 100 days (which include July and August) since the inauguration of the first Republican ‘president’ since Lluís Companys . Those consulted by this newspaper, the party and the Executiu, acknowledge that, for example, in the legislative field, little has been done.

They describe these 100 days as a “landing” with a lot of dull work, among them, the conformation of the teams. “The Government must work and we must start legislatively,” synthesizes a voice, which shows its confidence that the results will be seen in the autumn.

It is in the most ethereal field of politics where the republican environment is very satisfied. They believe they have laid the foundations for the clear cut between the convergent administrations (particularly that of Torra) and the Republican one to be evident .

The image that the ‘president’ commands has been transferred, they say, and this has been achieved by greatly reducing the noise of daggers between Montagues and Capulets, that is, between Republicans and post-convergents.

“Topics have been broken. The ‘president’ and the ‘consellers’ must be wherever they want ”, asserts a ‘plumber’ from Palau who gives as an example that Aragonès held the first meeting with CCOO at the union’s headquarters .

The first ‘president’ to do so. “You can see the age of Aragonès”, underpins another position before anticipating that a remodeling of the visual image of the Government will be carried out shortly. “We have a 38-year-old president, a young team, and we are surrounded by all the paraphernalia from two decades ago.”

“The institution and the institutions have been recovered. And that serious image has been tied to that of the party, something that ERC, after the tripartite party, needed ”, ponders a fourth voice. “The Generalitat is not underestimated, and even less from within the Generalitat itself”, sentence in reference to the Torra stage. New times, new ways, beyond the fact that senior officials come to the Palau de la Generalitat in a T-shirt: Aragonès has appeared before the media without a limit of questions 20 times in these 100 days.

Relationship between partners

All with minimal friction. “Before there were two ‘governs’, one from ERC and the other from JxCat. Now there is only one Government, with members appointed by two parties ”, it is asserted in the corridors of Palau. This own entity as a government causes messages to be issued that do not coincide with the orthodoxy of each of the formations.

An example that is worth two. The agreement of the Executiu with the Executive of Pedro Sánchez on the airport does not fit 100% with what ERC says, about the expansion itself, nor with what JxCat defends about the relationship with Madrid, since the executor of the agreement was Jordi Puigneró .

“Aragonès has always lined up alongside every ‘councilor’,” recalls a party voice that has in mind Torra’s disavowal of Alba Vergès in the Parliament in the midst of a pandemic wave.

In the elimination of noise, it helps, according to all voices (something else is what the media thinks) the existence of a “professional” spokesperson [ Patrícia Plaja ] who does not give fuel to the game of replies and counter-replies.

“Having a ‘councilwoman’ spokesperson [in reference to Meritxell Budó ] who does not attack a colleague from the Consell Executiu [for Vergès] helps. Certainly ”, they say sarcastically.

The shadow they cast, in addition to the little legislative production , is that they have “let themselves eat the toast and we have been involved in debates that are from the 90s.

Both the Winter Olympics and the airport , which has been dragged from the 2006 Statute ”, points out a voice that admits that“ perhaps ”Aragonès did not mark a position as clear as needed about the future of El Prat. And it is that, in the words of someone who knows him very well, the ‘president’ “is one of those who loses few balls, but it is also difficult for him to shoot at goal.”

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