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Children Can Play With Their Bubble Group Without Masks

ByRak Esh

Aug 30, 2021

There are two weeks until everything officially returns to normal with the return to school. A routine that will come, of course, once again marked by the pandemic, and after a year in which something was achieved that in September 2020 seemed impossible: keeping schools open from the first to the last day, something that is not known achieved, for example, in Italy, France, Germany or the United Kingdom.

Classes, as announced by the Government this Monday, will begin on September 13 in a manner “with the utmost prudence and 100% face-to-face ” at all educational stages, and, as with other areas of society , the day to day will adapt to the evolution of the epidemiological situation.

Among the important newsThe mask is not compulsory in the yard whenever the kids play or departan with its stable group , parents can see the profs face manner within schools and youth with the full schedule will not have to go home if they are direct contact with a positive.

The element that conditions everything, and that last year was a dream that seemed very distant , is without a doubt vaccination. 90% of teaching professionals have already completed the guideline , and now all efforts are focused on the group from 12 years of age, since below that age, no injection has yet been approved.

As explained by the ‘Minister’ of Health, Josep Maria Argimon , in the 12 to 15-year-old group there are about 340,000 people in Catalonia, of which 161,000 have not started the vaccination process . In the 16 to 19 year old there are 320,000 Catalans and 103,000 do not have a puncture.

That means, adding both bands, that almost 40% of the kids between 12 and 19 years old have not yet gone through one of the inoculation centers spread throughout the territory. Hence, both Argimon and his counterpart in Educació, Josep González-Cambray , have insisted on up to four occasions on the need to immunize adolescents and young people.

” The vaccines should be in the arms, not in the refrigerators “, has summarized the owner of Salut, who has stressed that everything can vary, perhaps chastened by the fifth wave that from Sant Joan turned the summer upside down.

The profile of the infected person is one of the most important variations with respect to the beginning of the previous course. In September 2020, the bulk of positives were concentrated in people over 40 years of age, among whom, in addition, the effects of the disease were much more stark.

Vaccination has turned the sock around on that statistic . Numerically speaking, Argimon has contributed, the ‘ momentum ‘ is not very different: a year ago the cumulative incidence at seven days was 85 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, while today it is 92. Now, however, the most affected group It is that of young people, with an incidence that doubles that registered among those over 50 years of age.

The other differential fact is those admitted to intensive care units . There are about 400 people in a critical situation, and that figure is, according to the Minister of Health, the limit that should not be exceeded and that Catalonia “cannot be allowed.”

“We have key weeks ahead of us. Last year we carried out two million PCR and antigen tests in the school environment, and this September we want to administer two million vaccines,” Argimon said. “It will be very difficult to achieve group immunity – González-Cambray has riveted – but with the maximum number of vaccinated people we will make it much more difficult for the virus .”

The cry for vaccination comes after a month of August in which the rate has dropped dramatically . In the first 28 days of July there were 2.2 million doses, as detailed by Argimon. In the same days of August, a million fewer punctures were administered.

The things of the holidays. “We would like everyone to be vaccinated in a few weeks,” González-Cambray shared. Regarding the quarantines that last year were a constant gym in schools, the ‘minister’ has confirmed that high school students with the complete guideline will not have to be confined despite being direct contact with a positive from the classroom.

The infected, even if vaccinated, should go home and follow the classes electronically, in the same way as colleagues who do not have the corresponding punctures.In the case of children under 12 years of age , for whom vaccination is not planned, in the case of a positive in class it will be necessary to confine the entire classroom for 10 days, as was done the previous year in all stages of teaching.

What is not planned, and this does change compared to the previous year, is to carry out PCR or antigen tests on students who shared a desk with an infected person. Argimon has argued that in the rest of society the test is no longer provided in these cases, and therefore, it will not be done in schools either.

The head of Education, who in the previous year was the director of public centers and was already at the forefront of the educational battle against the covid, recalled that this year the temperature will no longer be taken in educational centers and that extracurricular activities.

They will start in October with absolute normality, in groups of maximum 10-15 people. The staggered entrance, whose organization is in the hands of each educational center, will also be relaxed; colonies and festivals will be allowed in the school (if possible, outdoors), and no safety distance is required within the stable group. Similarly, meetings between families and teachers They can be done in person after many schools have requested it, since communication is much more fluid.

Parents, in this relaxation of the relationship between families and schools, will also be able to accompany the children to class, as long as it is done within an order . Last year they were prohibited from entering the educational center, something that, in practice, was limited to the interior of the building, since parents did roam the courtyards during the delivery and collection of offspring.

Schools that used to have parental involvement in their educational model will also be able to regain the habit of letting them contribute their grain of sand to school activities. What remains intact is hand hygiene and classroom ventilation.

All this, the ‘councilors’ have agreed, will be reviewed periodically, but the idea is that the announced measures are maintained at least during the first quarter. But ultimately, as is often the case with most decisions that are made at high levels and that have to do with education, it will be the school management teams that, using the autonomy of the center, will shape a new and miraculous educational course in Catalonia.


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