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PSOE And PP Continue To Face The Institutional Blockade Without A Sánchez-Casado Call

ByRak Esh

Aug 30, 2021

On December 4, 2018, the mandate of the General Council of the Judiciary ( CGPJ ) expired . Since then, almost three years have passed with this body in office. A thousand days of blockade , specifically. A round figure that this Monday the PSOE took advantage of to return to the load.

To continue calling the PP , perhaps with thicker terms but with the same background, to sit down and negotiate the renewal of the constitutional bodies. But beyond that appeal, little. There is no provision to promote any legal reform nor, for now, is the President of the Government contemplating telephoning Pablo Casadoto find an approximation.

Yes, the new Minister of Justice, Pilar Llop , will resume contacts with the conservatives . The conservatives also do not move tab and cling to the recommendations of the European Union to maintain their ‘no’ to the renewal of the institutions.

The Socialists released a new face on Monday, that of Eva Granados , deputy secretary of the PSC and spokesperson for the organizing committee of the 40th Congress of the PSOE . The leader did not talk about the preparations for the conclave – which will be held between October 15 and 17, in Valencia – and focused on launching the # 1000DiasSecuestroConstitución campaign .

He stressed that it is ” inadmissible ” that the PP continues to block the institutional change (the CGPJ, which accumulates those thousand days, but also the Ombudsman, the Constitutional Court or the Court of Accounts), that it is an unusual ” sabotage ” in a democracy, a ” historical disloyalty “. A “hijacking” of the Magna Carta.

The renewal of the constitutional bodies, he remarked, “has nothing to do with opposition to the government, it is a constitutional obligation .” “Spain deserves an opposition that reaches pacts, not that it thinks about an electoral key,” said Granados, who wondered if the popular barons share Pablo Casado’s “commitment” to turn the PP into a party ” without a sense of state .” At other times, it was Genoa who was targeting critical socialist barons to attack Pedro Sánchez .

The socialists’ plan is for the conservatives to reconsider and reverse. No attempt will be made to raise the level of dialogue by implicating the president. “They are negotiations between parliamentary groups. But contact with the PP has never been lost, ” Granados said before noting that, beyond a pact between the government and the opposition, an “agreement between the majority parties” is necessary.

When speaking of “majority parties”, the doubt remained whether the PSOE was considering resuming the conversations without the purple ones. Executive sources indicated that it will not be the case. The scheme remains and ” United we can be .” Pablo Echenique , parliamentary spokesman for United We Can, also took advantage of the occasion and denounced the “seditious behavior of the PP to shield and entrench his own in the Judiciary.”

Also the now head of Justice referred to the institutional “blockade”. Llop will resume contact with the popular this week, and will do the same with the rest of the groups.

“On several occasions we have appealed to the PP to enter into the negotiations for the renewal and to do so without conditions or blackmail, ” said the minister, who called to end a CGPJ that has to be renewed after five years but accumulates three in functions, which “makes the normal functioning of the Administration of Justice very difficult.”

However, Llop’s call to the popular ones does not seem to be very successful. In the PP there is no predisposition to give in to pressure from the socialists. Rather the complete opposite. The secretary general of the conservatives, Teodoro García Egea , assured that they will not give their arm to twist if it is not to allow the direct election of the members of the CGPJ by the judges.

Any other scenario is out. The popular leader also made it clear that the commitments or promises of the PSOE to change the law in the future no longer serve, but that they want facts, ” firm steps .”

“If we do not take steps towards depoliticization, it is very difficult, very difficult for the council to be renewed,” García Egea warned after 1,000 days with this body in office. ” What we cannot do is not take into account what Europe is asking of us ,” the popular leader summed up before demanding that the coalition government allow Spain to advance “towards a truly independent Justice.” Thus, everything suggests that the CGPJ will continue adding days with its expired mandate.

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