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Education affirms that the will not go to the public network

ByRak Esh

Sep 2, 2021

The Minister of Education, Josep González-Cambray , assured this Thursday that “it is not possible” to incorporate the Boix de Badalona (Barcelonès) concerted school into the public network , which has announced its closure for the next academic year after losing the concert at the infant stage.

The transition from the concerted network to the public one “is not possible” because for this “there is a protocol that requires a request from the ownership that we do not have, ” said the minister, who added that a series must also be given of conditions.

Specifically, Gónzález-Cambray has indicated that the change of ownership must “respond to schooling needs” and in the neighborhood of Bufalà, where the school is located, ” there are places available to place a large part of the students.”

kewise, the Minister recalled that other conditions that must be met to carry out the change of ownership are that the building meets the necessary conditions and that the change is economically viable, and added that “15 days after starting the course we are not in time to carry out all the procedures to create a public center “.

No authorization for closure

In the middle of last June, those responsible for the Boix school, which has been located in the Bufalá neighborhood of Badalona for 50 years, announced to the families of their students the closure of the center after losing the concert  in the infant stage .


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