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Government And Autonomies Will Have To Agree On Budget Of New University Law

BySam Brad

Sep 2, 2021

Government and autonomies will have to agree on the budget of the new University law. The draft has sparked some debates on issues such as positive discrimination against women.

The Draft of the Organic Law of the University System (LOSU) does not specify the budget that its development will imply because it is a matter that has to come from an agreement between the Government and the autonomous communities.

This was confirmed on Thursday by sources close to those who have prepared this draft, which, like the text presented this Tuesday in the Council of Ministers, made reference to the fact that education spending is included in the Lomloe (the Education law recently approved by Isabel Celaá).

For this reason, what corresponds to the university is 19-20% of the total educational expenditure of the entire system, university and non-university, and that the Government is committed to reaching 5% of GDP in the coming years.

That is, with the Gross Domestic Product of 2020 (approximately 1.12 billion euros) the total educational expenditure would be about 56,084 million, of which a fifth would correspond to Higher Education (11,216 million euros).

The same sources left that budget in the hands of the autonomies, because they understand that they are the competent ones in the financing of the universities.

The draft has sparked some debates on issues such as positive discrimination against women to apply for a position as teaching and research staff. As argued by the same sources, it is understood that when there is a lot of representation of one of the sexes, the candidates could have preference towards the less represented.

But to do this, it is necessary to start from the fact that they must opt ​​for the position on equal terms and suitability of merits, something that according to these understandings includes the Workers’ Statute and has been applied for years.

Likewise, the same sources argued that the universities will be able to choose their governance system and that the titles are issued by the rectors on behalf of the King.

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