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More Garzón Attacks On Meat Sector, A Break In Cs Andalucía And Scooters

BySam Brad

Sep 9, 2021

Garzón will continue with the attack on the meat sector
Some statements by the Minister of Consumption, Alberto Garzón, made at the beginning of summer in which he asked “to eat less meat to protect health and the planet” generated a bitter controversy with the agricultural and livestock employers, who even asked for his resignation.

Far from rectifying, this same week Garzón has returned to the attack in a communication medium by highlighting, asked about this controversy, that he does not give up in his effort to change consumption habits “due to health and ecological criteria, although the companies do not like it “.

This recent interview has once again bothered the food sector and the latter has already shown its displeasure with the minister’s attacks. Despite this, everything indicates that Garzón will maintain the same line of confrontation with the meat sector. In fact, In his environment it is said that it is possible that there will be more statements from the minister in this regard in the coming weeks.

“Garzón, personally, and Podemos, for their part, feel comfortable in this type of discourse. They believe that environmentalism thus understood gives votes,” they assure.

The serious problems of Citizens in Andalusia
It is said that the refusal of Inés Arrimadas to call for primaries in Andalusia, thus giving Juan Marín all her confidence, breaks the formation into two factions. In the first, the supporters of the current vice president of the Junta de Andalucía and the national Executive remain.

In the second, the current most critical of the current configuration of the party in the region, known as Renew Andalucía, considers that Marín is not the ideal candidate for the next regional elections. Sources of the orange formation comment that, given the rumors that point to an imminent electoral advance in that territory, “the situation has become even more rare.” “The polls take us directly from the Board. Either we make a change or the party will also disappear here,” they say in Renew Andalucía.

A tougher law for urban scooters?
According to a study, more than 90% of electric scooter users do not respect road safety regulations. In fact, about 40% ignore pedestrian crossings, leading to numerous accidents. It is said that the breach of the rules by the users of scooters “ended the patience” of numerous municipal and regional authorities. “It is possible that in some territories the laws on this means of transport will be much tougher,” they say in a company in the sector.

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