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Stellantis Will Abolish Night Shift At Its Zaragoza Plant Due To Crisis

BySam Brad

Sep 9, 2021

Stellantis will abolish the night shift at its Zaragoza plant due to the crisis in the supply of components. The measure will affect around 600 workers at the Opel / Stellantis plant in Figueruelas.

The management of the plant has communicated to the workers’ representatives the suppression of the night shift as of October 4 until the recovery of the flow of parts to return to normal activity.

After knowing the news, the CCOO Permanent Commission of Industry has expressed its concern about the suspension of the activity in the night shift, in addition to regretting the “hard impact at the individual level” of this suspension, for what it will mean ” for conciliations and the regime of life to which each one was accustomed “.

From CCOO it has been indicated that the commitment expressed by the management of the company has been to maintain the level of employment by making use of the ERTE on a rotating basis. “In short, move the staff from night to day and start a rotation for the ERTE”, they have pointed out. “Unfortunately,” they added, this means that “around twenty colleagues who will soon fulfill their contract will not be renewed.”

The union has stated that it will not be necessary “in principle” to agree on a new ERTE, but that it will be necessary to “articulate the rotation mechanisms in the ERTE, the Substantial Modifications of Working Conditions, where appropriate, and other measures”, they have commented.

CCOO has emphasized that this measure “will decrease, but will not avoid the days of plant closure”, and has warned that the company has explained that “it is possible that part of the excess workforce will be compensated by asking for more volunteers for Madrid or other plants “. CCOO has also shown its concern because “the announcement of the closure of activities in hall 71 is followed by this new setback to the solidity of the plant.”

The OSTA union has also spoken out on the matter through a statement in which it indicates that this decision “will probably entail, once again, taking measures to adjust the workforce, in which the workers of Stellantis will once again be the pagans of this situation”.

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