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Airport Regulation Document (DORA II ) was presented last Friday until 2026

BySam Brad

Sep 10, 2021

The great obstacle for the expansion of the Barcelona Airport , the protected area of La Ricarda , was never for the Government an insurmountable obstacle for the expansion. The meetings of the Airport Coordination Committee of Catalonia.

Such as the one in which the Aena Airport Regulation Document (DORA II ) was presented last Friday until 2026, did not reflect official complaints by the representative of the Government, as various sources from Aena assure and others present at the meeting.

“The representatives of the Government seemed delighted,” say sources present at the meeting. This attitude especially upset the municipalities that oppose the expansion.

This document included the general plan, with the planned impact on natural areas to lengthen the third runway , and also the income and expenses expected to face the investment of 1.7 billion raised for the expansion of the Barcelona Airport.

In sources of the Government they shielded themselves before that critic of complacency when considering that the meeting of last Friday was merely informative and it was not the moment to present allegations.

The meeting of the Coordination Committee on September 3 was co-chaired by Raul Medina, General Director of Civil Aviation, and Isidre Gavín, Secretary of Territori and Mobilitat on behalf of the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda and the Department of the Vice-Presidency and of Policies Digitals and Territori, respectively.

The session was also attended, in addition to both institutions, by the Government Delegate in Catalonia, as well as representatives of the municipalities designated by the municipal entities and economic organizations of Catalonia, such as Foment del Treball, the Chamber of Commerce and the Reial Automòbil Club of Catalonia.

The Government and Aena rule out resuming the expansion of the airport until “within 5 years”
“The project was blessed by the Government at that meeting,” according to Aena sources reiterated this Thursday. The content was leaked to the press the same morning.

Highlighting that the environmental impact was reflected , but ignoring that from Aena’s initial plans it had been suppressed that the necessary runway extension was 500 meters. Aena has already released this Thursday all the studies carried out on the expansion, more than 500 pages, by means of its publication on the internet .

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