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Natura 2000 Network Will Be Launched This Friday

BySam Brad

Sep 10, 2021

The set of actions planned by Aena for the Barcelona Airport has always been the same. The objective was always to increase the operations capacity to allow the Josep Tarradellas Airport to reach a maximum capacity of up to 72 million passengers per year, compared to the current 53.

Any plan to increase the efficiency of the infrastructure collides with the determining factor of the impact on the neighboring inhabited areas and the limitations of expansion in the protected areas due to their environmental value .
The extension of the third track would mean occupying the natural area of ​​La Ricarda de El Prat, protected by European regulations for being included in the Natura 2000 Network.

The Dora II sets out the plan that had to be presented before October and that had to be approved by the Government, the Generalitat and Brussels.

But the Government has decided not to support the investment considering that it has lost confidence in the Government , since some of its members had planned to demonstrate against the expansion. There is also clear opposition to enlargement within the central government.

The third vice president and Minister of Labor, Yolanda Díaz, visited this Thursday together with the mayor Ada Colau La Ricarda and reaffirmed her opposition to the project, as did the City Councilof Barcelona by Ada Colau.

In the absence of consensus, enlargement is currently in danger, unless the Government and Generalitat clarify their respective positions. The business sector has shown indignation at the situation and has urged to unblock the negotiation and for the Government to accept Aena’s plan.

The airport has three runways, two of them parallel to the coastline and the other in an oblique direction with respect to them. The two parallel runways are the longest (3,352 meters and 2,660 meters) and are designed so that take-offs and landings can be carried out on them simultaneously and independently.

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