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Madrid Undo Celta With Benzema And Vinícius In Legend Mode And Becomes Leader

BySam Brad

Sep 13, 2021

The Real Madrid returned to the Bernabeu and did it with victory, as required by the big nights. Ancelotti’s men prevailed not without difficulty against a Celta who put a Madrid team in trouble, which showed, as his brother had done in basketball just two hours before, that he can never be considered dead.

A 5-2 that sounds loose but that cost, especially at the beginning, for the whites, who saw Santi Mina open the scoring for the Galician team when just four minutes into the game were completed after a collective defensive error with the young Miguel Gutiérrez somewhat confused and Nacho and Casemiro who did not speak the same language.

But as happens in football, and as it should be mandatory in life , Madrid grew up in the face of adversity and returned to face the game, with good health from the center of the field onwards that balanced the free buffet of empanadas from the defending.

Thus, and 20 minutes after the blow of Mina’s goal, the man who leads this negotiation appeared and who, in addition, was wearing the captain’s armband again . As always, Karim Benzema put the team on his back to start over.

A genius from Franci Cervi – which included a self-pass with the post after a quality racket – once again put the Galicians ahead in a good first half of Madrid but undoubtedly more effective on the part of Celta.

Again, Benzema responded with a header that restored the tie after a pass to the very head by Miguel Gutiérrez, to whom the mistake made in the first Celta goal did not touch his morale.

Already in the second half, Vinícius in a state of grace – he already has four goals in his personal account this season – scored the third and put Madrid ahead on the scoreboard for the first time. The assist came from Karim Benzema, the one who controls everything , and Vini’s good definition did the rest. The Brazilian went crazy with joy and got into the stands to celebrate with the fans, which cost him a yellow card that surely he did not care.

Real Madrid was then Real Madrid and in the second half there was only one team on the pitch. One daring, fast, with ideas and with his assets in good shape to put the illusions back on the championship car.

The icing on the cake, the debut of Eduardo Camavinga . The Frenchman came in to replace a good Hazard – whom the Bernabéu applauded with echoes of faith – and had that debut that even the most pessimistic dreams of.

An individual play by a stratospheric Luka Modric who last Thursday turned 36 years away from his planet whose rejection fell to the new signing of Madrid that put the 4-2 on the scoreboard.

Already to put the finishing touch to a Celta who barely peeked at Courtois in the two goals, a penalty against Vinícius that Benzema converted into the fifth final and the third for him . A hat trick for the captain who should always take the balls home.

Sam Brad

The Great Writer and The Passionate Poet As Well, He Graduated from University Of Florida in Journalism and Brad have around 12 years of experience in news and media section.

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