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The Fifth Wave Softens With The Vaccination At A Buen Ritmo

BySam Brad

Sep 13, 2021

The fifth wave of the coronavirus continues one more day to the downside as reflected in the data offered this Sunday by some autonomous communities, in which it is also appreciated that vaccination continues at a good pace in practically the entire country.

The epidemic indicators in Catalonia continue to decline, with a total of 620 new positives (compared to 969 the day before), 740 hospitalized patients (10 fewer), no deaths reported in the last 24 hours and with the risk of regrowth stabilized below out of 100 points.

However, there are five more people in ICUs -273-, and the speed of reproduction has risen three tenths, to 0.84.

Cantabria , which has detected 35 infections in the last hours (23 less than the day before), has dropped to level 1 or low risk of transmission of Covid, with a cumulative incidence of 162 cases per hundred thousand inhabitants (nine points less than a day before), although hospitalizations have increased and there are five more patients admitted to the ward (40 in total, with seven in the ICU)

In the last seven days, Galicia has reduced the number of active Covid cases by more than a third (35.8%), registering 3,754 this Sunday (287 less than the previous day) in a day in which 146 infections were reported new (22 fewer) and 149 hospitalized people , 109 on the ward (6 more) and 40 in the ICU, three less than the day before.

Castilla y León has added four more deaths from coronavirus this Sunday in public hospitals in the Community, one less than yesterday Saturday and three less than a week ago, and 84 new infections , four more than a week ago and 67 less than 24 ago hours, although already under the well-known ‘weekend effect’.

The cumulative incidence (AI) in the Castilian-Leon community continues its downward trend and this Sunday is on the verge of one hundred points at two weeks with 104 cases -four points less than this Saturday-, with one less admitted in the units of critics -57-.

Extremadura has registered four deaths (one less than the previous day) in a day with positive results in all indicators , since infections have fallen (43 compared to 80 the day before), hospitalized patients (99 compared to 101 in the previous day). Saturday) and incidence (169.71 cases at 14 days, while 24 hours ago a figure of 184.60 was recorded)

La Rioja continues with the decline in active cases and stands at 275, (18 less than yesterday), a figure that has not occurred in this community since the end of June; The Basque Country has registered a decrease in the number of daily Covid infections in recent hours , which has dropped below 200, something that has not also happened for more than two months; and in Murcia 43 new infections have been reported.

The Balearic Islands have reported 72 cases in the last 24 hours (for 105 the day before) when the number of hospitalized in the ward has increased from 114 to 118 and those admitted to intensive care units remain at 48.

On the other hand, the number of infections in Navarra has experienced a slight rebound , to 55 compared to 47 a day earlier; and also in Aragon the cases have risen, with a total of 60, which is 22 more than on Friday but 91 less than the same day last week, in a day in which there have been no deaths and the incidence continues in downward progression.

Vaccines continue to rise
Almost 8,000 Galicians (7,923) without an appointment have been vaccinated this Saturday against Covid-19 on the first day authorized by the Galician Health Service so that people who for different reasons had not done so previously.

To these people must be added another 3,008 who did attend by appointment , so that in total on Saturday 10,931 people were vaccinated against the coronavirus in Galicia, according to data provided by Sergas until 10:00 p.m. on Saturday.

The community of Andalusia has so far administered a total of 12,471,242 doses of the vaccine against covid-19, 91.31% of those received, In this way, they have at least one dose 6,730,544 people, which which represents 79.5% of the population , and 90.3% of the target population, that is, those over 12 years of age.

In the Balearic Islands, 1,552,431 doses of the vaccine have been given to 836,345 people until this Saturday, of which 806,131 already have the complete schedule .

Regarding the total population of the archipelago, which according to the latest official data is 1,219,423 people, the vaccination rate with the complete schedule is 66.1% , the lowest of all the Spanish regions.

The vaccination teams of the Canary Islands Health Service have administered 3,062,328 doses of vaccines against Ccovid-19, with which 1,583,532 people have received the complete vaccination schedule, that is, 80.76% of the target population over 12 years old.

Finally, 253,465 people have received at least one dose in La Rioja and 239,466 have the full regimen, which represents more than 85% of the population .

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