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The Daily Chupinazo De La Luz

BySam Brad

Sep 17, 2021

The price of electricity in the wholesale market continues to rise and every day it climbs new highs that a few months ago we could not have imagined. The worst thing about this situation is that it will take a long time , as some experts predict that the price will be high until 2023 although the Government has promised that this year we will not pay more on the invoice than the amount that was paid in 2018. I am very afraid that As almost always, these statements must be taken with a grain of salt, since between the small print they hide and the statistical juggling, we can get a good surprise.

Energy is key in any economy , especially electricity because it is a basic and necessary good for families and for the production of companies. However, we are all suffering market volatility in our meats due to the absence of measures to cushion it and a national energy strategy that allows lowering prices without ideological components that penalize CO2-free technologies and guarantee sustainability and supply sufficiency.

After the temporary reduction of the VAT and the suspension of the generation tax, now the Government, in the purest David Copperfield style, is carrying out a sleight of hand to make the problem disappear by lowering the excise tax to a minimum and confiscating, like Robin Hood, the Extraordinary benefits that the electricity companies obtain , fallen from the sky by the marginalist price system that rewards the cheapest energies, to thus cap the price of gas that has risen at the speed of light and will continue to do so.

However, it is a new exercise in political trilerism.where the language is manipulated to avoid saying that a conflict can be generated in nuclear generation that operates with negative cash flows and a new gas tariff deficit that will force these companies to compensate sooner or later , through the courts and that we will pay the usual ones, awakening a legal uncertainty that does not benefit the investment that our economic recovery and the electricity system need.

Instead of blaming the electricity companies, the market and whoever moves, the focus should be placed on precisely the ideological intervention of the market that is the cause of these problems, together with the poor national strategy on energy that guarantees real competition. as well as our autonomy, stability and sufficiency of supply, without depending on imports of dirty electricity from countries outside the EU or betting everything on a single horse, that of renewables, which does not guarantee its continuous generation, while we close power plants and suffocate taxes on others that are emission-free and that can lower prices.

On the other hand, it seems paradoxical and an exercise in political cynicism , that the electricity companies are blamed for the benefits that have fallen from the sky when they have not established the rules of the game, they only participate according to the law. The worst thing is that the first one that is filling their pockets with money from the sky is the State itself in two ways, due to the increase in the tax collection of taxes that are levied on the electricity bill and, on the other hand, for the money that It collects from electricity companies for the sale of CO2 emission rights, which does not have an impact on lower prices.

If the price continues to rise, it is possible that all the packages of measures will not have a sufficient corrective effect and only serve to temporarily slow down the price increase, because it is not attacking the origin of the problem but the consequences, in a forward flight and nowhere to avoid an electoral punishment more than likely because cold months arrive and citizens cannot be told to turn on the electric heating at 3 in the morning.

More and more of us feel like a rabbit on the road who we kick off with each new daily chupinazo of the price of electricity while the meter continues running like a hare, because you cannot blow and suck at the same time nor can we seek low prices by intervening in the market with abusive tax burdens that suffocate citizens and certain technologies because ideology blinds us.

Sam Brad

The Great Writer and The Passionate Poet As Well, He Graduated from University Of Florida in Journalism and Brad have around 12 years of experience in news and media section.

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