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MDA emphasizes Radarsat-2 follow-on tasking and extensive coverage

ByJerzy Nawrocki

Oct 4, 2021

A C-band SAR (synthetic-aperture radar) satellite in the mid-inclination orbit will capture imagery in the 700-kilometer swath at 50 meters per pixel resolution, according to MDA’s Radarsat-2 follow-on. Customers are going to be able to request imagery from the latest MDA SAR satellite in one hour, as opposed to four hours for the Radarsat-2. According to an MDA spokeswoman, clients are going to re-assign the satellite to acquire more imagery during a single orbit.

MDA also expects to transmit imagery and data to clients within 15 minutes of capture, against less than an hour with Radarsat-2. MDA has yet to reveal how or even when Radarsat-2 Continuity Mission will be launched. Radarsat-2, which was launched in 2007 and was built by MDA in collaboration with the Canadian government, continues to offer imagery and data to commercial and government customers.

MDA hopes to provide clients with pictures of places at distinct times of the day by deploying the Radarsat-2 follow-on into the inclined orbit. According to a September 27 news release, MDA hopes to “offer better client-controlled priority tasking, ensuring image collection when needed” with the additional satellites. The follow-up to Radarsat-2 is intended to cover huge geographic areas. Within 24 hours, for example, imagery of the whole New Zealand Exclusive Economic Zone may be available.

MDA CEO Mike Greenley stated in a statement that “for decades, governments, commercial, and institutional customers around the world have relied on MDA’s Earth-observation data to address some of the world’s most pressing issues, such as illegal fishing, natural disasters, maritime border protection and national sovereignty, and the effects of climate change.” “Our 4th generation Earth-observation satellite is going to transform once again how and when we are able to see our planet by using the greatest technological and scientific developments to give a new degree of real-time as well as actionable insight.”

MDA is a global space mission collaborator and robotics, satellite systems, and the geointelligence leader with a 50-year history of firsts on & above the Earth, serving the globe from its Canadian headquarters and global operations. MDA is leading the march towards feasible Moon colonies, increased Earth observation, communication in the hyper-connected society, and more, with 2,000 personnel across Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom. MDA empowers highly skilled people to consistently push limits, solve great issues, and invent solutions that encourage and endure to transform the globe for the better, on ground and in stars, with a record of making goals come true.

GEOINTELLIGENCE: Their goal is to transform data into knowledge. Robotics & Space Operations, Geointelligence, and Satellite Systems are the three business sectors that make up MDA’s rich history and diverse capabilities. Their near-real-time imagery and the data analytics services deduced from their space-centered radar as well as multi-sensor ground system alternatives position us as a major supplier of geointelligence to clients worldwide, from detecting changes in the fragile ecosystems to tracking northern ice floes to revealing illegal fishing vessels.

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