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TrustPoint has raised $2 million for a GPS replacement

ByJerzy Nawrocki

Oct 23, 2021

TrustPoint Inc., a company that is working on a GNSS (global navigation satellite system), has received $2 million in preliminary funding from DCVC. TrustPoint wants to increase its technical team, continue developing essential technologies, such as satellite payload testing, and expand critical relationships with the funding announced on October 18.

Companies and government agencies are looking for backups and replacements to GPS, Europe’s Galileo, Russia’s Glonass, and China’s Beidou for all from transaction timing and communications to marine and aircraft navigation. The present GPS system is imprecise, slow, unencrypted, and vulnerable to jamming and spoofing, according to TrustPoint founders. The founders are Patrick Shannon, who is an ex-Astro Digital vice president, as well as Chris DeMay, a previous Hawkeye 360 founder and the CTO (chief technology officer). Furthermore, according to DeMay and Shannon, GNSS systems alone are insufficient for many emerging commercial applications such as drone delivery, self-driving automobiles, urban air transportation, as well as augmented reality.

The GNSS alternative from TrustPoint is designed to improve service, security, and dependability for government and business users. As per the news release, promised enhancements include “improved accuracy, faster time to the first correction, and anti-spoof as well as anti-jam capabilities.”

“For the past decade, NewSpace firms have been effectively transforming several space applications, such as launch, earth observation, and communications,” TrustPoint co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Patrick Shannon said in a statement. “Our endeavor to build a completely commercial GNSS service is natural next step in this trend, providing a much-required layer of the security for today’s GPS users and enabling embryonic autonomous navigation applications.”

According to Dr. Chris Boshuizen, who is a Partner at the DCVC, “DCVC is delighted to help the TrustPoint team in their mission to offer an advanced and completely commercial positioning and timing solution for global navigation satellite systems.” The commercial service provided by TrustPoint, which is unique and rapidly evolving, may easily be used in conjunction with government GNSS, or perhaps as the primary solution.

Boshuizen, a previous Planet CTO as well as co-founder who was a passenger on the latest Blue Origin New Shepard trip, will join board of directors of TrustPoint, a Silicon Valley and Northern Virginia-based company. DCVC has also invested in Capella Space, a radar satellite operator, and Rocket Lab, a launch vehicle provider. As a trusted developer of the next-generation GPS signal processing techniques, TrustPoint is able to deliver the performance and dependability required for applications such as safety-critical automation, critical infrastructure, as well as seamless augmented reality experiences.

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