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The UK government is an “active impediment” to renewable energy development according to SNP Westminster leader

ByJerzy Nawrocki

Oct 26, 2021

Ian Blackford has slammed the United Kingdom government for not just delaying carbon capture as well as storage in Scotland, but also for acting as an “active impediment” to renewable energy development. During Prime Minister’s Questions, the Westminster leader of the SNP stated that a ring-fenced expenditure for the tidal stream energy is required to prevent the industry from becoming extinct.

“It’s bad enough that the UK Government is delaying carbon capture in Scotland, yet they are proving an active impediment to renewable energy potential across the board,” Mr. Blackford, who seemed to have lost his voice, remarked.

Tidal stream energy, like nuclear, has the ability to provide 20% of the UK’s power capacity. All this sector requires is a £71 million ring-fenced budget, a pittance in comparison to a £23 billion this government is blowing into nuclear power plants. So, at the very least, Prime Minister, stand up and ensure a ring-fenced expenditure for tidal stream energy to prevent this renewable business from being exported.” “I congratulate him for elevating tidal, I’ve seen the fantastic projects that are underway, and we are definitely looking at it,” Prime Minister Boris Johnson said, adding, “I’ve seen the amazing programs that are underway, and we are definitely looking at it.”

We’re investing a lot of money in clean, green energy, which I believe the House recognizes.” He’s far too pessimistic about Aberdeen’s chances. Mr. Blackford also chastised Mr. Johnson after it was revealed this week that despite satisfying eligibility criteria, Scotland will be denied money for a major carbon capture project. “In just 11 days, global leaders will convene in Glasgow for Cop26,” he stated. “That is why the UK Government’s rejection of the Scottish Cluster application to acquire track-1 certification for carbon capture storage on the eve of Cop26 was such a terrible blow.”

“We know this judgment was not based on technical or logical rules,” he added. This calamitous decision was made solely for political reasons. This investment was promised to the northeast of Scotland in 2014. It’s a promise that’s been broken many times before. So, will the Prime Minister actually keep his promises, or are they just not worth the paper they’re written on in the Tory election leaflets?” “We are totally committed to assisting industrial clusters to decarbonize across the UK, including, of course, Scotland,” said the Prime Minister. “I understand that there was frustration over the Acorn proposal in Aberdeen, which is why it has been designated as a reserve cluster.”

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