• Sun. May 22nd, 2022

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Below is the List of Contributors and Editors of World Observer.

Ron Wills


Ron Wills is Based in Cape Town and loves playing football from the young age, He has covered All the news sections in World Observer and have been the best editor, He wrote his first NHL story in the 2013 and covered his first playoff series, As a Journalist in World Observer Ron has over 8 years of Experience.

Email: Ron@World Observer.com

Leon Cooper


Leon Cooper was born and raised in Vancouver. As a Reporter for World Observer, Leon has contributed to several online publications including Dream House Publications and Granville Magazine. In regards to academics, Leon has got a Post Graduation Degree in Department Of Archaeology from The University Of British Columbia. As a Reporter for World Observer Leon Covers International Topics.

Email: Leon@World Observer.com

Erik Brady


Erik Brady is a news media and fitness professional with a strong experience in online journalism as well as he is a well-known fitness instructor. He strength includes knowledge of sports, health, yoga, meditation, and proficiency. From a young age, Erik has interest in Football and he is World Observer Contributor.

Email: Erik@World Observer.com

Peter Barzilai


Peter Barzilai is a high school pitcher and college rower turned longtime World News journalist. Peter has also written for Buzz Feed and Huffington Post and many other major publications, Peter Loves everything about sports and loves to write on trending topics and he is World Observer member since 2017.

Email: Peter@World Observer.com

Michael Taylor


Michael Taylor is a journalist who intends to build a bright career in the media industry, He has a great interest and knowledge about the Business industry for World Observer. Hence, He loves to cover the hottest news in the Sports niche. Michael also published his articles in New York Post, NPR and Sky Sports.

Email: Michael@World Observer.com