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Significant Amount of Land Belonging JT Airport

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The objective of the Master Plan was to show the value of a significant amount of land belonging to the JT Barcelona-El Prat Airport, which is currently unused. The total area affected by the Master Plan is 328 hectares of which 261 are buildable.

In them, a total of 1,848,744 square meters would be built, and 972,000 square meters would be generated to carry out advanced economic activity, within the framework of being a portal for digital innovation. The total planned investment is 1,264 million euros in total for real estate actions.

The expected duration of the execution of the plan is 20 years, during which successive lots of real estate would come onto the market.

The airport has two passenger terminals (T1 and T2) and a Cargo Center adapted to the needs of freight transport. The T1 passenger terminal, inaugurated in 2009, is the one with the highest capacity and operates 70% of flights under normal conditions (now almost 100%).

Meanwhile, terminal T2 is the result of the improvement and expansion of the old terminals A, B and C and is normally only used by a few low-cost or regional airlines.

As for the Cargo Center, there are office warehouses with direct access to the aircraft parking ramp and warehouses that house logistics operators and freight agents.

In addition, initially for the year 2026 the inauguration of a new satellite terminal was planned, pending institutional consensus