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Teenager serious sinking in his diving baptism in Tarragona

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  • Teenager serious sinking in his diving baptism in Tarragona

A 15-year-old young man has been seriously injured when sinking while participating in his diving baptism in La Pineda, in the municipality of Vilaseca (Tarragona) , before which the Civil Guard has opened an investigation.

As sources of the armed institute have informed Efe, the adolescent, a Portuguese national, participated in this diving practice with his family when he has sunk and has had to be rescued from the water and later revived.

He has been evacuated in serious condition to the Joan XXIII Hospital in Tarragona, where he remains admitted to the Intensive Care Unit and has been able to be stabilized.

The Civil Guard has opened an investigation to find out the causes of this event, which occurs a few days after two diving students died when they were also baptized in this sport in Segur de Calafell (Tarragona).

The two men, aged 50 and 56, drowned while scuba diving in waters near the port of Segur de Calafell together with a group of several people, with a diving club in this town.

Four investigated
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In this case, the Organic Unit of the Judicial Police of the Civil Guard in Tarragona investigates four people from the diving club for the death of these two people, given the indications that they could be the perpetrators of two crimes of reckless homicide.

The alleged “breach” of various provisions of the regulations governing the diving activity and “possible poor planning and equipment inadequate could have been decisive in the drowning of two participants” in this activity known as baptism dive, according to Civil Guard.